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Ideal for ordinary and advanced level biology studies. The Zenith ULTRA-400 V.2 series are purpose built teaching instruments finished to a very high standard, combining excellent optical performance and a very reliable, modern, user-friendly design with a mechanical construction designed to withstand the rigours or everyday heavy classroom use. All models feature high quality DIN standard optics, anti-tamper safety features included locked on eyepiece and stage clips, slip clutch on the coarse focus movement to prevent over focusing and an adjustable focus stop to prevent damage to glass microslides and objective lenses. Highly recommended.

Standard Specification

  • Magnification Range x40, x100, x400
  • DIN Achromatic Objectives x4 (0.10), x10 (0.25), x40R (0.65) (R=retractable)
  • x10 widefield eyepiece with pointer (18mm field)
  • Stage Condenser (N.A. 0.65)
  • Rotating 5-hole disc diaphragm
  • Triple Objective Turret
  • Illumination via plano concave mirror
 Prod. Code
Advanced Student Microscope60035


AccessoriesProd. Code
 x5 DIN eyepieceWF-5
 Mechanical StageCT-11
 x16 Flatfield EyepieceAM-16
 x7 DIN Huyghenian EyepieceH-7
 x10 Widefield Measuring EyepieceME-10S
 1mm Stage Micrometer (100x0.01mm Divisions)SM-1
 x10 DIN Widefield EyepieceWF-10S