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Multi-function Mount Plate

Multi-Function mounting plate for use with Tube Rings

To Attach a Telescope to a Multi-function Plate

Remove the tube rings and the multi-function plate from the telescope. To do so, slowly release the rings thumb nuts and open the hinges.

Connect the tube rings multi-function plate assembly to the mount. To do so, align one of the three threaded holes in the multi-function plate to the mounting platform, and then turn the platform's black wheel to secure the tube rings multi-function assembly.

Find the telescope's center of balance. The easiest way to do so is by holding the telescope in its center and checking if the telescope tilts on either side. If not, this should be your center of balance. If it does tilt on one side, slide your hands towards that side until you find that the telescope balances in your hand.

Place the center of balance of the telescope in between the tube rings.

Tighten the thumb nuts to secure the telescope.

Do not over-tighten the thumb nuts while attaching the telescope. This may cause damage and restrict its movement

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