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x7 DIN Huyghenien Eyepiece

The Eyepiece is the second most critical component in the optical system.
It further magnifies the image produced by the objective, and on older microscopes, also compensates for any residual chromatic difference of magnification remaining in the objective.

Pertaining to, or invented by, Christian Huyghens, a Dutch astronomer of the seventeenth century; as, the Huyghenian telescope.

Huygenian eyepiece

The Negative, or Huyghenian, eyepiece is an eyepiece consisting of two plano-convex lenses with their curved surfaces turned toward the object glass, and separated from each other by about half the sum of their focal distances, the image viewed by the eye being formed between the two lenses. it was devised by Huyghens, who applied it to the telescope.
Josephi (Giuseppe) Campani applied it to the microscope, so it is sometimes called Campani's eyepiece.

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