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A x2 Barlow Achromatic lens (unless already supplied) is a very useful accessory. It effectively doubles the focal length, and hence magnifying power of the objective lens. Therefore, when used in conjunction with an eyepiece, it has the effect of increasing each standard eyepiece magnification by a factor of 2, giving twice the range of standard magnifications than available before. (e.g. if your telescope offers magnifications of x20 and x50 without a Barlow lens, with a Barlow lens magnifications of x40 and x100 are also now possible). Using a Barlow lens to increase magnification also has other benefits: Improved eye relief and reduced spherical aberration in the eyepiece.

Front and Rear Dust Caps Included

A) x2 Sky-Watcher 1.25" Economy Barlow (Single Lens) Product Code 475
B) x2 Sky-Watcher 1.25" Deluxe Barlow (Double Lens) Product Code 364
C) x2 Sky-Watcher 2" Super-Deluxe ED Barlow (with 1.25" adaptor) Product Code 966

NB. The x2 'TAL' Barlow and The x3 'TAL' Barlow Lenses are now discontinued.

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