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High quality waterproof, nitrogen-filled observation binoculars, with individual eyepiece focussing, designed for medium-to-long-range terrestrial and astronomical observations. Incorporating BAK-4 prisms and a fully broadband multi-coated optical system. The 10x60 and 15x70 models feature a Central Focusing (CF) and an integral tripod bush. The larger 20x90 and 25x100 models feature Individual Eyepiece Focusing (IF) and a central stabilising bar with sliding tripod adaptor, for optimum balancing on tripod. High-precision construction using CNC machined metal components. Finished in Black Rubber and supplied with a carrying case.

Model Quantum-4
Specification 15x70
Magnification 15x
Object Lens Diameter 70mm
Field of View 4.4°
Near Focus 15M
Weight 1.87kg

Product Code 873

Good for deep-sky views.... The field of view was also noticeably sharper than nearly all the binoculars on test
BBC Sky At Night Magazine