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Zenith MICROLAB-2000TPH ML-2000TPH Trinocular Phase Contrast Research Microscope
Professional high performance Phase Contrast microscope of modern reliable and ergonomic construction. Designed for routine investigations and laboratory diagnoses over a wide range of tertiary educational, medical and research applications. Excellent optical performance is provided by planachromatic objective lenses, offering crisp, high contrast images and a flat field of view. This instrument offers superb versatility as it is easily upgradable for use over a wide range of microscopical techniques and applications. Highly recommended.

Standard Specification

  • Magnification range x100, x400, x1000
  • Paired x10 DIN standard high eyepoint widefield eyepieces, field 18mm
  • DIN standard parfocal, parcentred semi-planachromatic positive phase contrast objectives x10, x40R & x100R Oil Immersion (R=retractable)
  • Seidentopf Trinocular Head inclined 30degrees, rotatable 360degrees with full interpupillary adjustment
  • Phase contrast condenser with Iris diaphragm in centring mount
  • Phase centring telescope
  • Co-axial coarse & fine focussing with adjustable tension control and adjustable focus-stop
  • Reversed position quadruple Objective Turret for convenient operation
  • Large, smooth-action Mechanical Stage with co-axial controls
  • Built-in 230v / 6v 20w halogen illumination with rotary brightness control
  • Iris Diaphragm fitted to Illuminator Condenser Housing
  • Supplied in polystyrene pack with Dust Cover
  • Overall dimensions 240x190x390mm
  • Weight approx 8kg

Accessories Available Separately
x5 DIN eyepiece WF-5
x7 DIN Huyghenian Eyepiece H-7
x16 DIN widefield eyepiece WF-16
x10 DIN Widefield Measuring Eyepiece ME-10
x25 DIN Planachromatic Objective PL-25
SLR Camera Adaptor CA-7
CCTV Video Adaptor VA-7TV
Darkfield Condenser DF-15
Phase contrast set (3xObjs, Condenser & Scope) KF-25
Drawing attachment DT-6
Polariser & Analyser PA-5
replacement 6v 20w Halogen bulb SB-25