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Delivers stunning wide-field views with pinpoint stars to the edge of the field. Optimised for all Sky-Watcher fast-ratio f/5 Newtonian Reflectors / Dobsonians, with 2" focuser.
Does not alter magnification.
Supplied complete with necessary adaptors for visual use.
For imaging use with a DSLR camera, a suitable M48x0.75 adaptor is required to match your camera.
Sky-Watcher manufactured Canon and Nikon M48x0.75 adaptors are available (prod codes 20237 & 20238).
This Coma Corrector is suitable for use with the following models:
EXPLORER-150P, EXPLORER-200P, EXPLORER-250PX, EXPLORER-300P, SKYLINER-200P, SKYLINER-250PX, & SKYLINER-300P (classic and all flextube models)
Since the Explorer-150P has only recently been upgraded with a 2" focuser, it is not suitable for the previous model with 1.25" focuser.
Product Code 20233