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The Payment Process Explaned

Clicking the Buy Now‘Buy Now’ button or theAdd To cart ‘Add to Cart’ button will take
you to this screen showing which products are in the cart. Click "Checkout" to pay.
What in Cart

The next screen is the ‘Information’ screen where the payment details may be added.
Secure Site
Notice the https://and Padlock Secure Site 1 in your browser which confirms that this is a secure page and all data is encrypted The shopping cart at the top right shows what's in your cart.
Fill in your details and then click "Continue"
If the fields are yellow then Internet Explorer can "AutoFil" the information for you.
(NB. these should be the Cardholders address. The shipping address may be changed on the next screen)
Choose a password to access your account.

Information Screen

The next screen allows you to change the delivery address if you wish the order to be sent to a friend or your place of work etc.
If you need to inform us of any special delivery instructions etc. then there is an area to type your instructions.
If the order is to go to the address provided on the previous screen then there is no need to change anything here. click "Continue".

Delivery Details

Order Confirmation
Here the order may be reviewed and changed if necessary. Click ‘Confirm Order’ button if all the details are correct to be taken to secure Paypal

Order Confirmation

You will notice that the Padlock on your browser will now change to Paypal's Secure site. Secure Site 1 Secure Site 2


If you have a Paypal account then you may "Login" to pay with Paypal or if you wish to pay by Credit Card then use the "Continue" Button at the lower-left to go to the Credit Card Payment Screen.


If you need more assistance please contact us